My Daddy has a Beard



“This book will rock in kids world!!”
When I open the book, I got attracted to the colourful and energetic pictures and I got connected in my real world. I remember my own youth and I think every child needs to connect with some particular thing to start a lesson or stories which this book provides perfectly, before you start reading stories. Every picture and every single story lines are so promising. I was super excited when I began to read, I felt like I want to be a kid again, I cannot wait to read it to my baby that we are expecting soon.

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My Daddy has a Beard – and other stories’ is a children’s book filled with lovely poems, meaningful tales and beautiful illustrations to lose oneself in.

The stories in ‘My Daddy has a Beard‘ are very divers and contain in a playful way life lessons about self love and love for others around you without losing their ‘bedtime story’ character. Nothing is made bigger then it is supposed to be, which makes the message subtle and realistic. Take the story about Pearl who doesn’t like being a girl; the story is covered in such a witty and lighthearted way that it is completely normal that she wants to cut of her hair and be a boy and this is exactly the intention of the author Natasha van den Brand Horninge. Her stories are brought to life by soft and colourful illustrations of Stefani Buijsman. This delightful book is fun and valuable and a must for every parent with a child 2-10 year old (even adults feel like a child again reading this book).

  • Writer: Natasha van den Brand Horninge
  • Illustrator: Stefani Buijsman
  • Release date: 18th of April 2020
  • Delivery time: 1 – 2 working days
  • Shipping costs: €3 (NL)
  • But we will send your book to anywhere in the world
  • 36 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Is it a present? It is always nicely wrapped as a gift

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