My Daddy has a Beard



“A book that everyone should have on their children’s bookshelves!!”

Nice to see such a beautiful interplay between the amazing illustrations, the fun stories and the underlying messages. Messages (little life lessons) that our children should be exposed to from a young age and that fit well with the way I would like to raise my own daughter. With tolerance towards everyone, because everyone is different and that is a good thing! Really recommended.


My Daddy has a Beard – and other stories’ is a children’s book filled with lovely poems, meaningful tales and beautiful illustrations to lose oneself in.

The stories in ‘My Daddy has a Beard‘ are very divers and contain in a playful way life lessons about self love and love for others around you without losing their ‘bedtime story’ character. Nothing is made bigger then it is supposed to be, which makes the message subtle and realistic. Take the story about Pearl who doesn’t like being a girl; the story is covered in such a witty and lighthearted way that it is completely normal that she wants to cut of her hair and be a boy and this is exactly the intention of the author Natasha van den Brand Horninge. Her stories are brought to life by soft and colourful illustrations of Stefani Buijsman. This delightful book is fun and valuable and a must for every parent with a child 2-10 year old (even adults feel like a child again reading this book).

Reading sample

my daddy has a beard

Harry the Sad Elephant

Harry the elephant was feeling a little sad
His best friend Rhino asked: ‘Why do you feel so bad?’
Harry started crying and blew his trunk
He said: ‘I wish I was like you, a real cool hunk’

‘You are such a tough guy with a big horn on your nose’
‘I have big ears, a stupid trunk and huge toes’
His best friend was shocked and didn’t know what to say
He said: ‘Harry I don’t understand, you were born this way’

Rhino said: ‘You are so patient and kind to everyone’
‘And with your trunk all the animals have great splashy fun’
‘You give all your friends a smile on their face’
‘We like being with you, you are our happy place’

Harry started to beam and said: ‘Do you really believe that?’
For the first time he felt proud and straightened his back
Rhino said: ‘Everybody is different and that is a good thing’
Harry felt so happy he could sing

About the author

Natasha van den Brand Horninge grew up on the country side in the North of the Netherlands. Her father always told her and her brother stories from the bare head before they went to bed. Natasha does the same with her two little children of 3 and 5 years old and one day she decided to write the stories down. “First of all I want to give children a good and happy feeling, I want to give them a smile on their face before they go to bed. But I also like to give children little life lessons without them realising it, that’s why in a playful way the stories are meaningful.” The red line in the book is that everybody is different and that is a good thing, an important message these days.

Natasha van den Brand Horninge


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